Notifications don't work on Windows 11?

I tried to send a Windows notification using this API:

I’m getting success: true in the response but no notifications appear on Windows 11 for me. The same code from docs worked for me on Windows 10 when this API was introduced. Am I missing anything or is it broken?

I will check it and let you know.


Hey @surgeon,

From our test, the notification API working as expected on Win 11:


This is the code that we used (of course, you will have to change the extension ID and place assets):

  header: "Header",
  texts: ["text1", "text2", "text3"],
  logoOverride: {
    url: "overwolf-extension://cchhcaiapeikjbdbpfplgmpobbxxxxxxxxx/84x84.png",
    cropType: overwolf.notifications.enums.AppLogoCrop.Default
  heroImage: "overwolf-extension://cchhcaiapeikjbdbpfplgmpobbxxxxxxxxx/logo_364x180.png",
  inlineImage: "overwolf-extension://cchhcaiapeikjbdbpfplgmpobbxxxxxxxxx/logo_364x180.png",
  attribution: "sent from an app",
  buttons: [
      id: "1",
      text: "button 1"
      id: "2",
      text: "button 2"
}, console.log);