OBS stops unexpectedly with no error alert

Issue Description:
OBS stops unexpectedly, but we are not getting onStreamError callback - Instead we are getting onStreamEnd with no indication that there was any issue.

In OBS logs we can see:

16:17:45.367(WARNING)[1f80]: [qsv encoder: 'recording_h264'] encode failed

16:17:45.367(ERROR)[1f80]: Error encoding with encoder 'recording_h264'

16:17:45.367(INFO)[1f80]: record stopping [id:12]

When this happens, we don’t know that there was a recording issue and we are unable to communicate it back to the user (update drivers?)

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce): No
Impact for my app: Don’t know the volume (as it does not bubble to us), but once it happens we don’t record.
Do you currently have a workaround? No

User Logs:

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.


@shir.brass regarding this issue: does it happen once or multiple times? To how many users? Do you know if this encoder is valid and available on this machine?


Yes, the encoder is enabled and valid…
the data we got for the selected encoder:

2021-10-10 16:17:39,386 (INFO) </backgroundScripts.js> (:9582) - [VideoCaptureService] Selected encoder: {"name":"INTEL","display_name":"Intel® Quick Sync (uses iGPU)","enabled":true,"presets":["LOW","MEDIUM","HIGH"],"rateControls":[],"error_description":null,"vendor_error":"","valid":true} from encoders: [{"name":"INTEL","display_name":"Intel® Quick Sync (uses iGPU)","enabled":true,"presets":["LOW","MEDIUM","HIGH"],"rateControls":[],"error_description":null,"vendor_error":"","valid":true},{"name":"X264","display_name":"X264 (uses CPU)","enabled":true,"presets":["ULTRAFAST","SUPERFAST","VERYFAST","FASTER","FAST"],"rateControls":["RC_CBR","RC_CQP","RC_VBR","RC_VBR_MINQP","RC_2_PASS_QUALITY"],"error_description":null,"vendor_error":"","valid":true}]

For this user, I can see that it happened atleast once more:

15:53:01.066(WARNING)[1b74]: [qsv encoder: 'recording_h264'] encode failed

(file: ow_obs_2021-10-10_15-52-57-p7280)

As I’v previously mentioned, I don’t know how many users suffer from this issue as this issue is not reported to us in any way

The user got a pretty “weak” machine under our capture recommendation from the logs. (windows 8.1 Intel(R) Core™Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000CPU @ 2.50GHz, 4Gb RAM).
So that might be the issue. In addition, the graphic drivers might be out of date (I couldn’t confirm it for sure, just a more than reasonable option).

These are my guesses, except that I couldn’t find anything else that might be the reason.

Our bigger issue is that the issue is not reported to us as an event.
Without any error event, we cannot let the user know that something is wrong

I will forward your concern to the R&D, and if they have some insights, I will let you know.

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After careful thought, we have decided to focus on different issues and close this one, as there is not enough info not steps to reproduce.

Let’s keep an eye on that and re-open it as needed.