obtainDeclaredWindow doesn't include a monitorId

Issue Description: The monitorId is missing from the windowResult object returned from obtainDeclaredWindow
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Call overwolf.windows.obtainDeclaredWindow() with any window name.
  2. Inspect the window object returned. There should be a monitorId. Instead it always seems to be null.

Impact for my app: mid
Do you currently have a workaround?

It seems that getCurrentWindow works fine. So I’ve been using that and saving the result to a store where other functions can access the monitorId. But it would be a lot cleaner, faster, and easier to maintain if obtainDeclaredWindow gave me a monitorId.

@bmills95 Thanks,
We created a bug on this issue. We will update you once the fix is done.
The current ETA is v0.162, but that might be earlier.

Hi. We fixed it. It’s available on the developers channel v0.162.

Please confirm that it’s working for you.

I’m closing the ticket. If you like to reopen it, please mention me.