Offset issues in overlay

Related app/team name (not a must if you want to keep it private): R6 Tracker

Issue Description: I’m having offset issues while being in-game when interacting with our app. It’s not happening on Desktop.

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce): I can reproduce it every time. Interacting with the app regularly reveals the offset issues. Some icons can’t be clicked when you click on them, you need to click around them.

Impact for my app: I don’t know. I am reproducing it every time, people on my team aren’t. We are not receiving special reports about it, but Overwolf QA was able to reproduce as well.

From the Overwolf QA:
“After I click on the roster and the match roster opens, if I go back and try to click on it again, it doesn’t respond for about 2-3 seconds and after that, it responds
Also with the glass icon, I get a similar behavior:
If it’s the first time I click on “roster” then clicking on one of the glass icons right after it’s ok. If I go back and click on “roster” again after waiting 2-3 seconds, then I’ll also have to wait 2-3 seconds until the glass icons respond, if I click on them before that nothing happens”

My screen resolution: 2560x1440
Overwolf QA resolution: 1920x1080

Do you currently have a workaround? No

Thank you.

I’ve heard this may be due to the way you work around the DPI scaling issue using CSS scale transform.

@asaf_livne before we are diving in - have you tried to reproduce on a lower resolution like the QA? are you using DPI scaling or CSS scale transforms in the problematic window?

We are using CSS scaling only when we detect DPI scaling, but it’s not the case on my end.

Regardless, DPI Scaling should have nothing to do with the slow response time of the actions of the buttons.

We can see some slow response on some of the buttons in a fast check, but not an offset.

I saw this behavior in the past in Angular/React apps. And that was an app issue. Not related to the DPI. I will have to escalate it to the R&D to ensure that it’s not on our side.

Okay, not sure it’s the app though. It’s happening only in-game and not on desktop. It’s not a different code. If it was both it’s probably the app, but I assume that if it’s only in-game, it should be something to do with the overlay or something else related to the platform.

hey @asaf_livne,

The only thing Amit found is a short delay when clicking on some buttons in-game (no offset issue was found)

I checked it also on my machine and couldn’t even reproduce the delay he was reporting.

Not sure what might cause this issue, maybe it’s related to a scenario when both “desktop” and “game” windows are opened (I suggest you to close the desktop window once the user is in-game)

Hey, thanks for looking into it. I talked with our developer, we are not sure it’s related. If you start the app while the game is running (while being in-game), the desktop window should not appear, if you want to test it like that. The fact that it happens on some computers is still weird and emphasizing it’s not related to the windows of the app as-is.

@asaf_livne is it still relevant, or can I close it?