onMouseUp event not firing?


I’m registering the onMouseUp event like this on my background window:

overwolf.games.inputTracking.onMouseUp.addListener(data => {
	console.log('clicked', data);

However, when I click anywhere (in the game, or on an app widget), it looks like the handler isn’t called and nothing is logged.

I have also removed everything from the app (I just called the piece of code above then return, not initializing all the business stuff), but still no luck.

Am I doing things wrong? It used to work, I don’t remember changing anything that could make it break, so any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

The logs of the minimal app attempt (look for Firestone logs):Log.zip (384.9 KB)

hi @sebastientromp I will forward it to our R&D.
Anyway please try to removeListner and addListner again. Just to make sure it’s not that issue.

This issue is fixed on 138 @eransharv

@sebastientromp please test it on the v0.138. You can update your client to 138 dev version and check if it was fixed. Please update me.

It’s fixed with 138, thanks :slight_smile: