onUncaughtException returns unknown and sometimes empty

Issue Description:

We’re using onUncaughtException to catch js errors:
overwolf.extensions.onUncaughtException.addListener(error, functionName, scriptName);

on some errors scriptName and functionName parameters returns “unknown” and sometimes returns empty.

our main concern is to know if the errors comes from our scripts so we can fix it or from 3rd party ads.

Steps to reproduce:
Happens a lot on ads errors, not sure how to reproduce - cannot tell at that point if any of this related to our scripts.

Impact for my app:

@tom.wolf any thoughts? I know that there’s always tons of errors with ads, but it still works.

@uzi I talked with our R&D- we will need to investigate it on one of the next iteration.
I will put it in the system but there is no ETA for that.

@eransharv thank you! :slight_smile:

@uzi the onUncaughtException is a handler that comes from chromium, and we just expose it through our API. Due to this fact, there is nothing that we can do as It should be handled on the Chromium side.
Anyway, I will discuss it more internally to check if there is more info.

@eransharv thank you!

@uzi hi. In version 0.133 we resolved this issue:

  • Added function namespace for error, when trying to execute an API function with wrong parameters:
    Wrong parameter type in position 2. Should be int. value double
  • Added 4th param to overwolf.extensions.onUncaughtException - with all exception data available.
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