Open overwolf window on current mouse position

Issue Description:
I like to open the overwolf window based in current cursor position, thought about using changePosition + - but getting “inputTracking is not initialized” - any thoughts on that idea and how to solve that feature with overwolf?

Here my Repo and a recording of the overwolf app (if needed). Feel free to PR if you want to.

Anyone knows why this is not working?> {
        console.log('MOUSE POSITION RECEIVED');

“inputTracking is not initialized”

@patrickjaja sorry for the late response. some technical issues prevent us from getting notifications about new tickets.
I will take a look at your question tomorrow when I’ll get to the office. Thanks!

Hi @patrickjaja,

So in order to use the without getting the inputTracking is not initialized error message, you will have to register to one of these events:


I know it’s not trivial, and actually it looks like a bug. So I’m going to open a bug for it’s, but for now, you can use this workaround.



We created a bug and we will update when it will be fixed.


Updated ETA: OW client v0.160.

We fixed the issue in OW v0.160.
This version will be available (159+160 merged) this week.
Please check and confirm that it’s working as expected once v0.160 will be available.


Hi. The version that includes the fix is available on the developer’s channel.

We added the init function;

I’m closing the ticket. If you have any issues, you can always mention me, and I’ll reopen it.