Osu! video output capped at 1080 on 1440 full-screen with recording resolution "Original"

When recording in Osu! it seems like the resolution is capped to 1080p.
My monitor has a height of 1440 and I’m setting the resolution to “Original”.
But regardless the resulting video file is a maximum of 1080 in height, even though the game is shown full-screen.

With League of legends it correctly produces 1440 videos.

My question here is:

  1. Can this be changed with some settings I’m not familiar with?
  2. Is there a way to know what’s the resolution of the resulting video is? Currently we’re using the user set resolution (which goes up to 1080 and is fine then) or when using “Original” we use the gameHeight. But the gameHeight in this case tells us 1440 but the resulting video is acutally just 1080.

I know of a workaround where we create a html video tag and read the actual video file resolution from that, but I would rather prevent doing that during ingame processing of videos.

I think that Osu! runs by default on OpenGL. Would you mind trying on DirectX to check if it is reproducible?

Go to Osu!'s Options > Renderer > Compatibility mode and check that option. Then close and relaunch the app.