Other recording tools causes issues with Gazoom's recordings

Issue Description: Ooutplayed/fuze.tv cause issues with our recording (once both apps are installed) we are not using “automated highlights” so this might be the issue but this way we can better time the recordings.
Steps to reproduce: Install Fuze.tv/ outplayed and Gazoom, run apex legends (should also work with any other game). Only fuze/outplayed will have a recording after the match. Gazoom not.
Impact for my app: HIGH
Do you currently have a workaround?
Please mention the time of the event so we can find it easily in the logs 11:50ish am Barcelona time OverwolfLogs_2020-06-08_12-02-09.zip (1.4 MB)


Thank you for the info.

I will take a look at that today/tomorrow and let you know.

@Warcylewis can you please tell me how exactly you are using the recording? can you paste here the settings and the call to the recording? I want to see how you are using it and which function exactly.

@Warcylewis, so I checked that issue a little bit.
So the reason that Outplayed and Fuze.tv working together is the fact that both of them using the auto-highlights mode. And all the processes that use that mode considered to be a “single” user. So no conflicts, and it’s working correctly.

Our system not supporting yet two concurrent modes of capture at the same time. Means, if your app is trying to capture a full-length match or using the streaming API and not the reply auto-highlights API - you will get an error like you are getting now. (probably an “ALREADY CAPTURE” error or something like this).

@Warcylewis - are you getting an error when trying to capture?
As @eransharv suggested, there is a problem capturing while another capture (auto-highlights) is already capturing. The workaround would be to catch the error and then retry ever X seconds (adjusting the “tail” accordingly).

Also - how far are the times of the auto-highlights from what you are aiming at?

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That is a clever workaround. However, you will end up with unwanted time at the end of your clip, won’t you?

Basically as soon as your original clip “futuretime“ exceeds the “retry additional time“ you will add +x seconds that you didn’t want to record. And since the events propably are not too far away from each other, this will happen quiere often I think.

Are there plans right now to make recording more scalable?

If you’re thinking about a use case where an app wants to record the full game, you will never be able to get anything captured with another app, right?

There has to be a solution making use of a shared buffer or something that you can just reuse between apps to generate the final output!?
Disclaimer: I have no idea what im talking about, but in the abstract I think that should work

Regarding the futureTime - you are somewhat right - however, if the retry doesn’t surpass the original futureDuration, then you can just manipulate the futureDuration as well as the pastDuration and still get the results you want. There is also the option of using the overwolf.media.videos.createVideoComposition to fix this situation.

If an app wants to record the full game (we have some that do) - it doesn’t cause any issues with another app wanting to perform a manual capture - it works.
Regarding scalability - the auto-highlights feature is one step towards that - we’d hope most implementations would utilize it, and then you can have as many subscribers as you want (each getting it’s own copy of the output).

The problem happens when there are manual capturing apps working together with other apps (even auto-highlights). However, I’m not sure this is a common scenario (I’ll ask for a report on it).

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To make sure I understand this point:

The issue is that short time capturing is clashing between multiple apps. There can be interference between the auto highlights capturing process and the manual capturing process.

How does the manual capturing of a whole game not interfere with that then? Is that the streaming api and therefore independent from these issues?
That part I don’t quiet grasp yet as I assumed that would not work . Can you enlighten me here ? :slight_smile:

Yes - so the only problem is interference between manual/auto capturing of replays.

Yes - when capturing the whole game you would use the streaming API - so there is no interference with the replays API - even when one app is performing a full capture (streaming api) and another is performing auto/manual highlights (replays api).

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