Our apps overlap the new season intro videos on PUBG

Bluehole has started adding videos to play when you launch Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Would it be even slightly possible for the event onGameLaunched to trigger when this video has ended if there is one, if you can even get this information from bluehole that is.

// Joakim

@StreamGameLabels hi and sorry for the delay.
Do you mean the video that is playing when you are launching the game?
If so, on this stage, the game event provider that recognizes the events is not working yet.
But can you please tell me what exactly is the problem with your app? how it effect it?


Hi. My app is triggered by the event onGameLaunched almost right away the video starts playing, and then it starts booting up my application and tries connecting to the GEP. If the player does not cancel the video playpack almost immediately the app won’t get any events until APP is restarted with game running.

You can solve this easily, just “busy wait” the events register until the response status is “success.”

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@StreamGameLabels you can see an (unrelated) example on wait usage: https://overwolf.github.io/docs/api/overwolf-games-events#setrequiredfeaturesfeatures-callback


My app already utilize this “wait” approach you linked.
And it gets success during the intro movie. :confused:

I guess I’ll have to re-evaluate the GEP service I got from your sample files to see if it has any issues.
Currently still missing in action when it comes to developing, but I’ll dig into it around after the 19:th of November.

However I might add that this is not the first issues I’ve had with the GEP giving false positive successes, and back then when digging into the log files the “success” came from functions outside my apps scope built into Overwolf. So trusting blindly on “wait for success” is not always the right answer.

// Joakim

hi @StreamGameLabels, What about listening to other events instead of the above? for example the phase event?


Not sure how to listen events that does not exist.
If the GEP does not connect properly I won’t get any events-
The GEP (for me) will only connect properly if I cancel the intro movie on time.

No GEP = No Phase events.

But we’ll do like this, since I sadly don’t have time to dig into it more, close this ticket and I’ll re-open in a week when I have a stronger case with logs.

// Joakim


I tested it without abnormal behaviour. Per you request i’m going to close this ticket.
Please feel free to re-open it (delete the tag status:closed) any time.