Overlay resetted position in screen's center after update

I’m receiveing many reports from users reporting a strange thing: after an app update (actually happened this weekend), overlays are shown in the middle of the screen at game start.

I havent way to reproduce, but the number of reports make me think is something probably related on 0.168 (and some of them have 4k screens)

Here attached user’s log as sample:

OverwolfLogs_2021-03-27_23-12-16.zip (352.2 KB)

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.


@dowmeister, can you share with me some of the reports? I want to understand it clearly. Do you mean that after an app update (not client update), the location of the in-game window changes to the center of the screen? (or to the default location defined in the manifest?). And when they changed it after that, is the location saved? Until the next update?

it’s not easy to share these reports but the fact is: the app updates (automatically but also manually) and windows “move” in other positions.

Normal setup:

After the update:

GameInfoVertical and MainWindow moved to the center and overlapping one on the other.

First, note that these windows contain the override_on_update manifest flag. This means the flag will override the size/location/opacity changes after a version update to the default values.

Second, I can reproduce the same issue, and I’m not sure if it’s not on the app side rather than an OW issue.

Steps to reproduce:

  • OW client version 168 (latest, from the dev channel)
  • Uninstall the current trucky app.
  • Install latest trucky (
  • open game. the in-game window will show up.
  • change to vertical in settings = > the window will center instead of stick to the left/right.

So I think that the issue is with the vertical windows’ alignment on the new/updated version. Can you ensure that you were checking and calculating the position correctly and sized when the resolution is revised or in the first run?

@eransharv the override_on_update has been there since ages and never caused any issue so probably something has been changed under the hood in windows management.

About your test:
the GameInfoVertical has no default position, in previous overwolf versions, after a new install (from my experience the uninstall wipe all previous windows settings), changing from horizontal to vertical, the window was opening on 0,0 and not centered. This is another change in behaviour.

Unless i changed something in the code, the GameInfoVertical is opened always with a normal restore.

I think the real test is not uninstalling and reinstalling but update the app to a new version with the GameInfoVertical already moved on the left.
So, probably, is the override_on_update flag.


  • How did you test this scenario? (update the app).
  • Can you give me the exact steps to reproduce?
  • Did you test it without the override_on_update flag? (I mean - remove the flag and test).

App updates manually via OPK to testers.

Removed the override_on_update and since two updates (always manual) seems didnt happen anymore.


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