Overlay window not being displayed


For the last few days, some users have been reporting that some overlay windows are not showing up on screen.
This is the case for this user for instance: Twitch

(there should be an overlay on the left).

The app logs 34974272-e674-424e-b188-d682fdc9b704.app.zip (134.4 KB) indicate that the overlay window is properly created, and should be visible (see the DecktrackerOpponentWindow.html.log.8):

2020-12-26 22:34:06,946 (INFO) </Files/vendor.js> (:2) - "after window position update" | {"id":"Window_Extension_lnknbakkpommmjjdnelmfbjjdbocfpnpbkijjnob_DeckTrackerOpponentWindow","name":"DeckTrackerOpponentWindow","width":756,"height":1080,"top":103,"left":-243,"isVisible":true,"state":"Normal","stateEx":"normal","monitorId":"\\\\.\\DISPLAY2"} | 

(even though the left is negative, the window is wide enough that it should show somehow).

The same thing happens for another overlay (see MatchOverlayOpponentHandWindow.html.log.8):

2020-12-26 22:34:05,667 (INFO) </Files/vendor.js> (:2) - "[overwolf-service] changing window size" | "Window_Extension_lnknbakkpommmjjdnelmfbjjdbocfpnpbkijjnob_MatchOverlayOpponentHandWindow" | 1080 | 864 | 
2020-12-26 22:34:05,669 (INFO) </Files/vendor.js> (:2) - "[overwolf-service] changing window position" | "Window_Extension_lnknbakkpommmjjdnelmfbjjdbocfpnpbkijjnob_MatchOverlayOpponentHandWindow" | 420 | 0 | 

In both cases, the API calls properly return and indicate that the windows are visible, but nothing is visible on screen (see the video).

I’ve asked the user for the full logs, and I will attach them here once I have them.
In the meantime, do you have any idea what could be causing this?


@sebastientromp, yes, please attach the full logs.

Did you able to reproduce it, or do you have some steps to reproduce?

@Heaser, any ideas, meanwhile?

Hey Seb,

It looks like that this window turns visible as soon as the next match starts Twitch

Maybe it’s a bug related to hide/restore actions done by the app?

On some matches it shows up, but on others it stays hidden.

There is no “hide” for these windows, only “close”, and the logs seem to indicate that on both cases (the match where the window is visible and the one where it is not) the window is restored. According to the logs, the window is open for at least a full second. It could be as little as a few hundreds of ms if you count the time for Angular to boot up, but I assume which should see some flickering in that case at least, no?

@sebastientromp Hi,

I wanted to follow up on this question. I understand that it’s not an issue anymore, and no reports since then? Am I right? Please let me know so I can close the ticket or “revive” it.

Hey eran,

No new reports since then, but I can’t say yet that the issue has disappeared.
You can close the ticket for now, and I will reopen it if I get new reports.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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