OverWolf API Integration in another Webapplication

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  • Feature Description: I’m planning to integrate the Over-Wolf API in my Web-application and want to capture the game events.
    Additionally, I would like to capture the videos as well.

Please can one suggest how to start this and get the API details.

@mindargument Just to clarify - you can’t implement OW “in” your web application.
You should develop OW apps that use the OW API. The OW apps are very similar to web apps, as they live inside the chromium-browser and use HTML, CSS, JS, etc.

In other words, - you can develop OW apps with the same knowledge and techniques as you are using today. Or convert your web app to an OW app very easily.

Regarding where to start - have you read our docs? I recommended to download the sample app and play with it and read all the other docs, including the one on the video capture.

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@eransharv, thank you very much for sharing the details. This is is very helpful for me. Is there any way to integrate with my desktop application using API or SDK. It could be great if we have any sample code .I would like to capture the events and videos.

You can’t integrate OW API in a desktop application (C#, WinForms, etc.).
But as I mentioned - you can build an OW app, which runs “like” a single page web app. And you can extend this app with custom C# plugins or other 3rd parties Dll’s.