Overwolf does not differentiate between osu and osu lazer (next version)

My osu lazer game crashed, most likely due to overwolf trying to gather data about osu.
Issue is that osu lazer is a completely a different game engine compared to osu
osu lazer is the next version (lazer being a temporary codename)

Not sure how I could force overwolf to gather data to reproduce the bug

Here’s the bug tracking on osu lazer’s github

I believe (unsure) it is osu!_01-16-23_02-51-59.Game.html
It only crashed once as of now
logs.zip (41.7 KB)

This seems to be more of a platform-based issue, rather than an app development issue. As such, I would recommend that you open a user support ticket about it, so it can be better tracked and handled. Either way, I have also passed the details of this to them and they are aware of the issue.

Hope this helps