overwolf.extensions.current.getExtraObject callback not being called

Issue Description: overwolf.extensions.current.getExtraObject callback seems to be not being called.
Steps to reproduce:
Is link due to the limit on here.
Importing above project in OW and running it will show a window. This window should be changing to something that is not “Starting”
console.log(“proxy constructor”);
That log line never shows up in any of the logs (EDTracker\windows\in-game\overwolfplugin.js)
Might require you to have Elite Dangerous though. I am not sure what it does when you don’t have it installed.

Impact for my app: show-stopper
Do you currently have a workaround?
I do not have a workaround

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.


Hi. I’m updating that we are discussing that internally, and I will update you again tomorrow.
BTW currently we don’t have any reports on plugins issues from other users/apps.


Thank you for the update. Appreciate that it is still being looked into with all the CF chaos going on.

Actually I did a test now using the CF app… and it looks that the function working as expected.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the settings app -> developer tools -> on extension page click on curseforge’s UID

  2. Navigate to plugins -> curse

  3. Change Curse.Plugin.dll name to _Curse.Plugin.dll

  4. Open up Curseforge’s app

  5. You will get the app window, with an error message.

  6. Press CTRL+SHIFT+i to open up devtools

  7. Enter overwolf.extensions.current.getExtraObject(“curse-core-api”, console.log).
    You will get an error.

  8. Go back to the same directory from step 3 and change the name of the file back to Curse.Plugin.dll

  9. Relaunch CurseForge’s app => App Launches with no problem

Knowing that console.log also works can make it slightly easier, can try that first then and see if errors are being thrown.
If there are errors then I might be able to fix them.

So, can confirm, was an issue on my side, for some dumb reason I did this:
overwolf.extensions.current.getExtraObject = this._getMissions.bind(this);
Does not like that.
Now I got TargetInvocationExceptions that have to do with the library I am using, gonna try to find out via discord what is wrong there.

@Timtower glad to hear that you found the issue.
With your permission, I will close the ticket. If you need to reopen it for any reason, just mention me here, and I’ll reopen it.


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