Overwolf.extensions.io.delete delete result missing `undeleted_content`

Issue Description:
On error when the file can not be deleted, the undeleted_content property is missing from the callback result.

It was available maybe a month ago, but now its missing and the docs still shows it as available.

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):
Call overwolf.extensions.io.delete on a video that is in use and log the result. The undeleted_content property is missing from the result.

Do you currently have a workaround?
I can just reuse the input parameter to retry the delete call instead of relying on the undeleted_content property.

Call through console.

Called through the app and logged out.

If the undeleted_content is not supported anymore, the docs should be updated.

We are looking into this.
In the meantime - you mentioned it worked around a month ago. Do you perhaps remember the exact version number where it did?

I don’t know the exact version, but I wrote the code on July 6. So whatever the dev version at that point is probably the version.

My best guess is 201 or 203.

So, this appears to have been a mis documentation, and will be fixed. Here is the exact behavior of the delete function:

  • Upon deleting a singular file, undeleted_content will not be returned. Instead, if the file could not be deleted, the appropriate error will show.
  • Upon deleting a folder (for example, the folder the video is inside of), undeleted_content will be shown, containing all the individual files that blocked the operation (because they couldn’t be deleted)
  • Either way, undeleted_content will only be shown if no other error occured (for example, if one app tries to delete a folder inside the folder of another app, “Permission denied” will be shown instead

Hope this helps!

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