overwolf.extensions.registerInfo only sends the available app info on the first call - unclear if intended

Issue Description:
When registering for app info updates using overwolf.extensions.registerInfo, the info update is send immediately.
However, this is only true on the first call within an app.
Additional calls will NOT immediately provide the app info update.

My question is if this is intended behaviour?
I would prefer it to give the app info update consitently, not only on the first call.

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):
Open two apps, get the extension Id of one.

  • In app 1 use overwolf.extensions.setInfo(…) to set any info
  • in app 2 use overwolf.extensions.registerInfo(UID, console.log, console.warn)
    => you will see both logs, the console.log AND the console.warn
  • in app 2 use overwolf.extensions.registerInfo(UID, console.log, console.warn) again
    => you will only see the console.warn output

Impact for my app: low, general consistency issue that might lead to unexpected behaviour if utilised


This behavior is intended. Since you already registered once, the info callback will not be called a second time, unless there is a new info update. There is no need to register twice. The “console.warn” callback is called a second time to inform you that your request to register for info has succeeded (as you are already registered).

My use case is for example using the same code on various windows.

The event also does not give the same data(-structure) as the register callback gives us.
So there is always a bit of overhead which could just be prevented by consistently sending the current information when trying to registering for it

Sorry for the late reply!

We are reluctant to modify public APIs (including callback structure) for compatibility reasons. In any case, could you please elaborate on the differences?

If it makes sense, you can register once in your background/controller window, and share the data with other windows, instead of registering from each individual window.

Hope this helps!