Overwolf-games-events-pubg-me documentation or output wrong

According to the documentation on overwolf-games-events-pubg-me when you pick up items/equip items you are supposed to get game info updates with:

`"value":"{"name" :"Item_Attach_Weapon_Muzzle_FlashHider`
`"value":"{"name": "Item_Weapon_vz61Skorpion_C_1"`

but instead I get:

`inventory_2: "{"name" : "AttachableItem","count" : "1"}"`

Would be great to get the names of the items back.

Steps to reproduce: Pick up an item and console.log game info updates
Impact for my app: high

@Shargaas following Itay’s request on slack #pubgreload channel, please check this out and open a bug if needed (add the info here as well please).


I checked the issue out, and opened a bug on it.

Hopefully we’ll fix it soon.

Hi @StreamGameLabels just wanted to update, that this bug is on our to-do list, and probably we will get to it on the next two weeks.


@Bilekill for your information

Awesome =)
Looking forward to it!

Hi, just an update: ETA is: end of September.


Update: Unfortunately, due to higher priority issues, the new ETA is the end of October.
Thanks for your understanding.