overwolf.io.listenOnFile api

Issue Description:
There is no feedback when a overwolf.io.listenOnFile has been setup succesfully as the callback will only be called if a new line is added or when you use { skipToEnd: false } and the file has contents.

If the file does not exist the callback will be called with an error, however as this is async you don’t know how long you must wait until you get an error.

A fix would be to call the callback with a state: ‘started’ as soon as the watching has started (without line data). This way you are also able to wrap listenOnFile into a promise and wait for the ‘started’ or {success: false } before proceeding with the app initialization process.

Steps to reproduce:
- create a file on the C drive called “test.txt”
*- then run *
overwolf.io.listenOnFile(‘test’, ‘C:/test.txt’, { skipToEnd: false}, console.log)

Impact for my app: low
Do you currently have a workaround?
Not really

Thanks for reporting @heartharena.
We’ll add this request to our backlog and will update you once it’s released.

fixed and verified on 0.157.