overwolf.media.takeScreenshot API can't take an OW window screenshot

As discussed with Eran, the screenshot APIs don’t work when passing an OW window in input.

@sebastientromp just for the record, there is no signature of overwolf.media.takeScreenshot() that takes a window ID as a param. You probably mean the OW window name. But anyway, from my checking, I can see that the “window name” refers to the OS win32 name and not the OW name as defined in the manifest.

Regardless, which screenshot do you want to take? If you are interested in the active game window, so takeScreenshot() is working as expected and capture only the game window.

I’m interested in taking a screenshot of my app (not the game, only the app), so that users can easily share specific screens to social media

@sebastientromp, so there is no way to capture a screenshot of your OW window with our API.
But you can do that using these kinds of methods: https://html2canvas.hertzen.com/

I will try to check if some of our partners did it and can recommend some methods.


Thanks eran, I tried these methods but the rendered result isn’t good (some elements are missing, and others are not rendered properly). Please let me know if others have found a solution :slight_smile:

Hi @sebastientromp, I am closing this issue as I couldn’t find any other way now, and I understand that neither you. I will update here if I hear about anything, and please update here also (so maybe other devs that will search for it in the future will be able to find this info).

You can always ask to reopen it by mentioning me with a @.


I think it can be done via a custom plugin. I have a very basic PoC working, and once I have a full flow (screenshot + share on social media) working I’ll post the link to the plugin here.

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@sebastientromp great.
You can mention that + link on this page: https://overwolf.github.io/docs/topics/snippets

Or even upload it to our community repo if you like:

Thanks, I have submitted a PR

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@sebastientromp thanks! But I can’t see any open PR to this repo.

Sorry, here it is: https://github.com/overwolf/overwolf.github.io/pull/537

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