Overwolf notifications

I try to use OW notifications API. I am using sample app template after npm run build. I see the error " Property ‘notifications’ does not exist on type 'typeof overwolf "

Hey Monzer, thank you for highlighting this issue!
Would you be able to provide us with more details regarding your error? In particular:

  • Sample app used (where was it downloaded from)
  • Exact step by step reproduction
  • A log if one is relevant

I solved this problem, but is there a way to receive notifications only once , because notifications are repeated when moving from page to an other page.
is it available in the notifications API or should i find a way to do it myself ?

Great to hear! To help you though, we still need more details:

  • What app is being used (custom or sample)
  • What is triggering notifications currently (if it is custom, a code snippet or short description of it as well)
  • What is the desired behavior (aka no notifications when X happens)

I am using sample app template,
i am using custom notification using overwolf notification API (showToastnotification() funtion)
if user is not registered in a tournament i am sending him a notification and he is receiving it on every page which is in the constructor of the class (multiple pages are using the same file typescript (desktop.ts). i need to send the notification only once to that user

Are all of these windows of the same class (as defined in the manifest.json file), or are they different windows all using the same code ‘handler’ file?

*Do note that it is discouraged to have too many windows in your app. For further reading, see the first section of ‘Using Overwolf windows · Overwolf