Overwolf process not releasing memory

Issue Description:
I’m working on some serious memory leaks we have at Fuze.tv. Some of them led me to try and reproduce memory releasing issue with a sample app.

Steps to reproduce:
I’ve made a self-explanatory video and a sample app to reproduce the issue.

In the attached video the shown scenario is:

  1. Loading an iframe to the DOM (not using any platform/system/native calls at all).
  2. In the iframe, reloading a heavy component (a lot of network and rendering there).
  3. Now we can see memory consumption going up.
  4. After removing the iframe -> in the dev-tools memory profiler we can see it is fully released while in Overwolf Task Manager, we saw a memory drop but yet it takes hundreds of megabytes.

(I’m pretty sure the same behaviour can be reached without an iframe, just by using some heavy resources)

Maybe there’s a very-slow garbage collection there, but I’ve waited for a really long time (> 0.5 hour) to see if something changes.

Impact for my app: high

  • Our app is pretty resource-hungry so in normal use, there are cases with a process growing up to 3GB in a few minutes of usage.
  • We have complaints from our users about the memory consumption of Overwolf process (that’s what they see in the task manager).

Do you currently have a workaround?
Actually - no.
We are working to eliminate memory leaks in our code, and we know that fully closing the app releases the memory. It’s not a real solution or workaround.



Sample app:

Logs (taken after recording the video):

Thanks. We will review it internally and let you know.

I understand that it’s already handled on slack, so I’m closing this ticket. Feel free to mention me if you like to reopen it.