overwolf.replays.onCaptureError: StreamingErrorEvent: "failed to start game recording" on Lol match end

This is an error that some of our users receive (about 1k a week).
when playing lol, and no highlight was captured, on match end the replays onCaptureError throws the following error:

{"error":"StreamingErrorEvent","reason":"failed to start game recording","additionalInfo":"Unknown"}

We were unable to reproduce the issue consistently so we don’t know to pin point at what scenario does it happen

Impact for my app: mid
Do you currently have a workaround? No, this is purely a replays API issue

User Logs:
ow_4b533e32-1a4c-49b4-8df0-ad652b612524-2020-07-09-08-45-46.zip (1.6 MB) ow_241a06c0-7b4a-4b98-be0b-e0dcdd829321-2020-07-09-19-15-37.zip (1.2 MB)

times of errors:

ow_4b533e32-1a4c-49b4-8df0-ad652b612524: 2020-07-08 20:38:25,688
ow_241a06c0-7b4a-4b98-be0b-e0dcdd829321: 2020-07-08 17:36:33,892

@shir.brass to clarify and understand the issue: before i deep dive to the logs - did you get all the events as expected, etc., and you just got the unwanted StreamingErrorEvent error, OR you were supposed to capture the highlights, and they weren’t captured at all?

Hi. We examined the logs, and we found out that this is a PBE client, which is not supported.
Besides, the PBE allows you to run LoL in DirectX 11, which not supports highlights recording yet.

BTW - you mentioned that it happens to ~1K users per week. Note that this is a friction of your users (~0.05 or something like that from your users, I don’t remember the exact number). So basically, a minority of your users get that error.

so, assuming that the issue is PBE, how can I determine that my session is PBE & not a regular LoL run?
is there a flag marking it?

otherwise, these users will keep getting this error…

@shir.brass You can use the summoner_info: when it’s a PBE client, it returns PBE instead of the region:


I added it to the documentation.

In addition, you can check the command line using getRunningLaunchersInfo() or getRunningGameInfo().

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we’ll handle PBE from our end (say that it’s not supported), and let’s see if this issue still reproduces afterwards :slight_smile:
thanks for the quick reply :pray:

PBE is supported, handling it app-wise is not the correct solution.
We’ve investigated this further and found that the PBE has the ability to render the game in DirectX 11 with some configuration changes.

These users who ran DirectX 11 are the one where Overwolf wasn’t able to render the overlay and start streaming in.

We’ve released a fix in the Gameslist to support DirectX 11 for League of Legends, that should resolve your issue.

There’s no need to take any action from your side.


@Heaser after said fix, we did see an improvement, but now the issue is back at the same magnitude.

we can’t get user logs now so we don’t know which users experience it, but the scale is still around 1k Users

@shir.brass can you try collecting logs from the relevant users?

@itayG @Heaser here you go

if you need additional logs let us know and we’ll get them

Admin edit: logs received, link removed.

Just to clarify:
even though the ticket originally refers to LoL only, the problem I described appears to be broader and effects more games.

I wish for the problem to be resolved to all games so let me know if you prefer that we’ll carry over the work with this discuss or shall I open new discuss issue(s)

@shir.brass Can you please upload the relevant logs?

ow_c622d50a-6fb9-4d3b-a0f2-2d9a92b8bab5-2020-08-19-16-01-03.zip (1.4 MB)
@itayG make sure to download before admin removes link again

According to R&D, it’s a Vulkan related issue (on R6, not LoL).
We need a user that can reproduce this error in order to investigate / fix it

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@shir.brass for your information. waiting for this user.

@shir.brass Any updates?

Can you please update me on how do you want to proceed?

  • Is it still reproducible?
  • Can you provide us a user log that experienced this issue? If not, I think that we can close the ticket and re-open it as needed in the future.

@eransharv it appears to still happen (3k weekly cases)

here’s the top 10 users who still experience the issue:

  1. OW_8cbad0c1-2ea0-4781-b801-11343584ba30
  2. OW_71c40d69-4fae-4732-9679-0ea8ba4f0821
  3. OW_cca7f959-a1aa-4bf9-9557-dfb2c2666e83
  4. OW_e336874f-cb3c-40c6-801a-5474b5c2b5f3
  5. OW_e46dccbc-00f2-44b5-b280-183141f77da0
  6. OW_b016c0bb-05af-4e5d-ac35-565771b2d47e
  7. OW_df3b3db3-c5f4-4883-83a4-4b8152a610ae
  8. OW_1bae6f78-de0b-4697-a17e-39bbd120a423
  9. OW_6303d8ce-94a4-44f8-b0fb-ba05b8cd5476
  10. OW_7f1ff9de-c1a8-4d78-8c72-eedce2c1cba7
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@shir.brass is it still relevant?

We’re now experimenting with using the streaming API only, but we may go back

we’ll let you know if it become irrelevant (but you may lower the priority)

@shir.brass great. So, I prefer to close this ticket completely, and if needed, please mention me here, and I will reopen it.