"Overwolf Settings - Main" CPU usage


I’m trying to hunt down some performance issues of my app, and I’ve noticed that the Overwolf Settings - Main process takes between 7-12% of my CPU power constantly, even when the app is idle and outside of any game.
Do you know the reason what this process corresponds to?

When the app is uninnstalled / not running the consumption is close to 0, so I guess it’s linked to my app somehow?

@LEOkonami can you please elaborate?

@sebastientromp Hey there can i have a look over your logs please?

I made some improvements the my app’s perf, and the CPU usage of this task also went down.
So I think it’s all good on my side. If you can simply enlighten me to what this task corresponds to, that would be great :slight_smile:

if it went down after your improvement, probably it’s because you had some involvement with the Overwolf settings (for example call to hotkeys etc.)

Yes I did tone down some setting calls. THanks for the heads up :slight_smile: