[overwolf.social.discord] shared video file is not being posted to discord - uploaded to OutPlayed servers and link to OutPlayed is being posted to Discord instead

Issue Description: The expected behavior when we started using this API: The shared video file should be uploaded and posted to Discord while the text of the posted message is completely determined by the user of the API.
The actual behavior:

  1. The video is not being uploaded and posted to discord
  2. The video is being uploaded to OutPlayed’s servers
  3. Text message is automatically suffixed with a link to the video on OutPlayed’s servers, which makes it impossible to post any message to discord without redirecting users to OutPlayed’s domain.

Steps to reproduce: Use the Share function overwolf.social.discord.share to share any video to any channel on Discord.
Impact for my app: low
Do you currently have a workaround? No

@shir.brass @Eyal @Glide thanks for the up-vote guys. Taking a look at the source code of the following function overwolf.social.discord.share() would really help us with a work around. Could you please share it?

@mazalex we are checking the issue and we will update you.
@Glide FYI.

@mazalex There’s a 8mb limit for uploading videos to discord (for non Nitro users).
I think that the prefered solution is sharing a link to the video on fuze.tv to Discord.
What do you think?

@itayG makes perfect sense, if we could just completely define the shared message without uploading the video to OutPlayed and without getting an auto suffix of video’s URL on OutPlayed to user’s message then it would be great.

BTW - From what we understand only a bot can perform the actual action of sharing content in a name of a certain user.
Going a little bit deeper into different reference throughout the web we are kinda coming to a conclusion that such implementation is forbidden and getting caught when using such bot can result in a ban for the end user. (here is an example of such bot that got deprecated and that was causing it’s users to get banned: https://github.com/RayzrDev/SharpBot)
Are you guys confident that sharing a message to discord in the name of a user is still Kosher? Or maybe you guys got a special permit to do so?

@mazalex We are checking this issue internally. I will update you here. thanks.

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@eransharv just a friendly reminder :slight_smile:

We are working on a solution that not include direct upload to Discord.
We will keep you updated. (it will take some time as we are investigating what is the best way to achieve it).

Overwolf version 153 will include this new adjustment (adding a url to a video instead of uploading a video file)


@itayG thank you very much!

just adding the info in case, someone will need it in the future:

We solve it by making the “file” param optional when calling overwolf.social.discord.share(). Instead, you can use the “message” parameter to include a URL of a file you want to share.

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