Overwolf Social Gifycat options & issues

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Issue Description: when sharing to gifycat using gifycat share there are a few issues.
#1. the callback option will often print out a success to the share request, however when it comes to receiving the link for the completed share, a notification will pop up saying the upload has failed. However, there are no details about why it has failed so its impossible to diagnose. NOTE: The video always has the correct, time and file sizes and always had all the correct params.

#2. I’m looking to make custom notifications for gifycat shares, instead of using the overwolf generated ones.

  • How can I disable the overwolf notifications
  • There is currently no way to get the share link, except for clicking the notification that overwolf generates. This means that if a user walks away from their computer for 2 seconds while sharing a clip, they have to reshare it since there isn’t a way to keep track of the link.
  • Can we get an async call back to log both when a user uploads, and when the users completes the upload?

Can you reproduce it: Yes
Impact for my app: Takes away from the users’ experience of using insights, doesn’t allow completed shares to be logged, notification for completed upload goes away too quickly.

Do you currently have a workaround?: No

we will try to im[lmenet api for customimze share notificiation in the up coming versions…

@jamiehuff we implemented new extended API for social share,
now in Develops channel.