[overwolf.social.reddit.share] Reddit share success notification is not shown

Issue Description:

When we share to reddit, the success notification is not shown.
The share is successful but OW does not display the success notification with the link to the post

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):

  1. Share to reddit (e.g: using outplayed)
  2. see thhe OW “Uploading” notification
  3. wait for success notification (we waited about 5 minutes~)
  4. go check reddit in the subreddit you uploaded to
    You can see that the thread was uploaded but the notification was not shown

Impact for my app:

low (100 DAU~)

Do you currently have a workaround?


Hi Shir, Thank you for highlighting this issue!

We will be checking this on our end. However you may want to look over version 0.198 - we get a new shareEx() method, which is QA tested and should be fine, and it does give back information about a successful share.

After some testing - it does actually seem to work on both the production and developer channels, which leads us to believe that the problem is with something else (perhaps the video size).
As such, to continue debugging it, it is ideal to get both the logs, and stuff like the size of the video you have tested.


We have attempted to reproduce the issue and it seems to happen only when uploading images

Thanks for the report - I have found the problem and fixed it. Will be released in an upcoming version.

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This should be fixed in iteration 201, currently available in the dev channel.