[overwolf.social.youtube.share] "Forbidden" error on When a user has no channels

Issue Description:

Sometimes, we get Forbidden error from Youtube.
Looking at the logs, we can see the unerlying error:

2022-09-04 15:12:05,337 (INFO) [cghph ID 48][20096] YouTubeService - YouTube share request for file: D:\Admin\Videos\Outplayed\Outplayed\Exports\Project 01_09-04-2022_14-45-24-414.mp4
2022-09-04 15:12:05,383 (ERROR) [68][7840]  <272.86MB> RestApiRequest - Received 403 from REST api
2022-09-04 15:12:05,385 (ERROR) [68][7840]  <272.86MB> YouTubeApi - Failed to get user channels
2022-09-04 15:12:05,388 (ERROR) [68][7840]  <272.86MB> YouTubeService - Failed checking user's YouTube channels
2022-09-04 15:13:58,641 (ERROR) [39][7472]  <272.26MB> RestApiRequest - Received 401 from REST api - disconnecting...

We would like to get a specific error when this issue occurs so we can let our users know what is the problem.

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):


Impact for my app:

medium (500 users daily)

Do you currently have a workaround?


User Logs:


We’ve reproduced this bug, and are working on a fix. We will update here once it’s released.

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