Overwolf.streaming.split is not working as expected

When trying to use the overwolf.streaming.split we have encountered some issues:

  1. Calling split will not get us a onVideoFileSplited callback
  2. split will overwrite the last created segment - resulting in only 1 video created, and not several spllited ones
  3. Calling stop will invoke the onVideoFileSplited callback
  4. Calling stop will return an invalid URL

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a stream
  2. Wait
  3. split -> wait -> split -> wait
  4. Stop

Got it. I will update you here. thanks.

@eransharv A friendly reminder about this issue. Were you able to reproduce?

We added the relevant fixes to Overwolf version 155.
@Eyal @shir.brass what is the reason you’re using this method?

@itayG We haven’t used it yet since it did not work.

We want to start experimenting with different capturing modes that would benefit from a split support if it will work as expected. Once this is out we’ll start working on it.

If you want more info about what we are trying to achieve let me know.

@Eyal a related issue was fixed on 0.155. Can you please re-check this issue to see if it still reproducible? It this one still exists, I want to progress with it.

@Eyal not sure what’s the benefit of splitting a video that’s being saved to the local disk.

If you see that this function is not needed, we would like to stop supporting it (and remove it from our api)

@eransharv From my tests it’s now working almost flawlessly!! Very very cool.

The only one thing that seems to be off is the split segments numbering - instead of resetting the counter between different streams, it keeps the same counter.

For example:

  1. Start stream (streamId = 11)

  2. Split will result with a video file with no segment and counter will be 1:
    {"stream_id":11,"file_name":"C:\\Users\\Eyal\\Videos\\Overwolf\\Outplayed\\Hearthstone/Hearthstone_8-25-2020_9-23-33-476\\Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft 08-25-2020_9-23-33-944.mp4","duration":111966,"videoDuration":111966,"lastFramePTS":1598336726376,"count":1,"next_file":"C:\\Users\\Eyal\\Videos\\Overwolf\\Outplayed\\Hearthstone/Hearthstone_8-25-2020_9-23-33-476\\Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft 08-25-2020_9-23-33-944_1.mp4","url":"overwolf://media/recordings/Outplayed\\Hearthstone%2fHearthstone_8-25-2020_9-23-33-476\\Hearthstone+Heroes+of+Warcraft+08-25-2020_9-23-33-944.mp4"}

  3. Split some more X 3

  4. Stop the stream

  5. Start a new stream (streamId = 12)

  6. Split will result with a video file with segment (4) and counter will be 1

{"stream_id":12,"file_name":"C:\\Users\\Eyal\\Videos\\Overwolf\\Outplayed\\Hearthstone/Hearthstone_8-25-2020_9-29-56-631\\Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft 08-25-2020_9-29-57-278_4.mp4","duration":37966,"videoDuration":37966,"lastFramePTS":1598337035377,"count":1,"next_file":"C:\\Users\\Eyal\\Videos\\Overwolf\\Outplayed\\Hearthstone/Hearthstone_8-25-2020_9-29-56-631\\Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft 08-25-2020_9-29-57-278_5.mp4","url":"overwolf://media/recordings/Outplayed\\Hearthstone%2fHearthstone_8-25-2020_9-29-56-631\\Hearthstone+Heroes+of+Warcraft+08-25-2020_9-29-57-278_4.mp4"}

As you can see the first split in the second stream (12) has a file name with a suffix “_4” as if it is the 5th segment. Seems to keep the count from the first stream (11)

@EladBahar For your information.

@Eyal, the R&D will check it and fix it as necessary for the next release.

@EladBahar please update here once the fix is released.

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