Overwolf.streaming.split sometime return wrong value for lastFramePTS

We are using the overwolf.streaming.split and it’s working great most of the time. GG!

We do get a sporadic issue with the lastFramePTS value - it sometimes returns wrong values. This will happen a few times each session.

Impact: when this happens we will not be able to properly sync events with the media.

[OverwolfStreaming] split result {"stream_id":2,"file_name":"C:\\Users\\Eyal\\Videos\\Overwolf\\Outplayed\\.tmp\\Heroes of the Storm 10-07-2020_18-05-44-956_18.mp4","duration":1242933,"videoDuration":93966,"lastFramePTS":18448346158099572,"count":19,"next_file":"C:\\Users\\Eyal\\Videos\\Overwolf\\Outplayed\\.tmp\\Heroes of the Storm 10-07-2020_18-05-44-956_19.mp4","url":" overwolf://media/recordings/Outplayed \\.tmp\\Heroes+of+the+Storm+10-07-2020_18-05-44-956_18.mp4"}

As you can see "lastFramePTS":18448346158099572, but 18448346158099572 is not a valid timestamp.

Taking the time before calling split and after getting the result above will provide this range:
OverwolfStreaming.js:174 [OverwolfStreaming] lastFramePTS 18448346158099572 is not between range 1602084390050 - 1602084390416, using split end time as fallback

Attached is the logs with the above example, we can provide more logs if needed.
Thank you.

OverwolfLogs_2020-10-07_18-32-36.zip (1.1 MB)

Hi @Eyal, I will check it and let you know.


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An update: No change. We are discussing it with the R&D. I will continue to update.

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@eransharv Any updates?