Overwolf.streaming.start(settings, callback) doesn't support undefined settings

Issue Description:
I’m trying to use overwolf.streaming.start with no settings.
Assuming that settings is not mandatory, I expect it to work.
instead, Overwolf Crashes (AHHHHHH MEDIC Popup)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. call overwolf.streaming.start(undefined, ()=>undefined)
  2. Overwolf Crashes and the popup appears

Impact for my app: low

Please attach a zip package of your logs
OverwolfLogs_2020-03-31_12-56-45.zip (2.9 MB)

@shirbr510 sorry for the late response. some technical issues prevent us from getting notifications about new tickets.
I will take a look at your question tomorrow when I’ll get to the office. Thanks!

@shirbr510 can you please clarify why you want to capture without any settings? have you try to use some basic settings? is that worked for you?

Assuming that overwolf has some default settings, I’d expect to pass no object and use overwolf’s default settings

OK makes sense. But some functions require basic settings. I will discuss that internally, and we might add it to the future roadmap.

Currently, with your permission, I will close this ticket.

FYI we released a fix in the next OW client version 0.159. This version will be available on the developer’s channel this week.