Overwolf.streaming.stop - on successful stop, Url is faulty

when we use the streaming API, the url in the response is an invalid url.
call overwolf.streaming.start with the following settings:

         "sub_folder_name":"League of Legends/League of Legends_7-14-2020_16-2-34-270"

when calling overwolf.streaming.stop, we get the following result:

as you can see, the url points to overwolf://media/recordings/League+of+Legends_7-14-2020_16-2-34-270/League+of+Legends+07-14-2020_16-02-35-608.mp4

but, when we look at file_path and try to get the video from overwolf.media.videos.getVideos, we see that the path is wrong, and the url should have been: overwolf://media/videos/Outplayed/League of Legends/League of Legends_7-14-2020_16-2-34-270/League of Legends 07-14-2020_16-02-35-608.mp4

differences are:

  1. root directory of url is wrong. media/recordings vs media/videos/Outplayed
  2. sub-directory doesn’t fully match: League+of+Legends_7-14-2020_16-2-34-270 vs League of Legends/League of Legends_7-14-2020_16-2-34-270

Impact for my app: mid
Do you currently have a workaround? we can generate the url on our own, but it’s rather fragile

Logs: OverwolfLogs_2020-07-14_16-26-56.zip (783.5 KB)

@shir.brass what about the onStopStreaming or onStartStreaming events? can you please check if these events return the right path?


Here’s a comparison between the result of overwolf.streaming.stop & overwolf.streaming.onStreamingStopped:
Response seems identical to me

(it’s marked in red so it’s easier to find using console.error, it’s not an actual browser error)

and this is the response of overwolf..streaming.onStreamingStart:

@shir.brass just to clarify - is the “wrong” URL that you get from the stop function is accessible? or you can’t use it at all? If not, I will create a bug on that.

@eransharv not accessible.

furthermore, if you’ll do getVideos and try to look for it in the list, you’ll find the correct url & the correct structure (which is not the same url as this one)

@shir.brass ok i will create a bug for the RnD on that. thanks.

Update: this bug was fixed for v0.154.
Please stay tuned for the release of this version, to test if it’s working as expected.

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