Overwolf subscription API return null instead of the subscription plan i have

Issue Description:
overwolf subscription API return null instead of the subscription plan i have.

Steps to reproduce:
subscribe to plan ID 33 then run the getActivePlans(callback) and see the plans property which return as a Null, currently the subscription plan is still not in the Air which might cause the current outcome, but this way we can test the subscription flow in our app.

Impact for my app:

Do you currently have a workaround?

Hey @sagi.gleizer, we’ll return to you soon (tomorrow) with a way for testing a “non-live” plan.

Hi @sagi.gleizer.

overwolf.profile.subscriptions.getActivePlans() will give you the active subscription for the current user, if he got any active subscription “paired/attached” to his OW login account.

Your user is probably not “paired” to an active subscription, so you get a null, means - no active subscriptions for your user.

Please ask your account manager to pair your OW user to the test subscription (make sure that this user is also whitelisted, as the subscription still in “test” mode, which means only whitelisted developers can use it).

Hi @eransharv.
The problem is that we want to test the whole flow of our subscription and see its working as intended, so only testing in on our subscription which our developer users already been granted with.
the things we wanted to see is:
1.working link from our overwolf app to the subscription page from your API.
2.removing and adding a sub in our server when changes happen in the subscription status in overwolf.
3. to see how the flow works as it should be before we upload it to the users.

testing it on test subscription still give a taste of unfinished checking.
but we understand that currently this is the only way to test things.

@sagi.gleizer, I agree with you that it’s not the best process. We are working to enhance it. But currently, it’s the best option. I recommend doing this test than open the subscription to the public and test it immediately. This is the best method - currently…