overwolf.utils.openFilePicker throws validation error for valid overload

Issue Description:
based on the documentation, in order to set filePicker’s initialPath, I need to call openFilePicker the following way:

openFilePicker(filter, initialPath, callback)

whenever I try to call the method like this, an exception is thrown, saying that:

"Uncaught Error: |overwolf.utils.openFilePicker| Wrong parameter type in position 2. Should be a function. value string"

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):

  1. go into CEF Developer tools
  2. type the following: overwolf.utils.openFilePicker("", "C:\\MyDirectory", console.log)
  3. Bug Reproduction: Filepicker window is opened but the error is thrown.

Impact for my app: medium (it will pollute the logs and it may cause False Positive errors on our end)
Do you currently have a workaround? No

Thanks for reporting, are you on OW version 165 or 166?

We’ve experienced this issue with an internal tool for quite some time so it is not a new issue either

Ok, the bug was added to our backlog (ETA - OW version 172-173)

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