Overwolf window retains focus despite calling setWindowStyle(...`InputPassThrough`)

Issue Description: When window has keyboard focus due to user interaction, and then as a result of using a hotkey, the window style is set to InputPassThrough the window retains keyboard focus. To overcome this, the user must click the mouse on the game window, then the game receives keyboard focus again.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click inside a transparent window
  2. Use a hotkey to trigger a call to setWindowStyle(windowId, 'InputPassThrough') on the window.
  3. Observe how keyboard events are ignored by the game
  4. Click the mouse inside the game window
  5. Game now receives keyboard events again
    Impact for my app: mid

No logs are relevant.

we are checking this issue and let you know. thanks.

@paviad please DM on slack to schedule a screen share session

@paviad we fixed this issue (hopefully :slight_smile:) and it will be released in version 0.136.

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