Overwolf Windows do no retain their maximized state

Issue Description:
A user has complaint that Overwolf Windows don’t behave as he would’ve expected them to.

Just like any native window, when a maximized window is closed/ minimized, it is expected of the window to reopen/ restore in it’s maximized state.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open Overwolf window
  • Maximize the window
  • Close the window
  • Open the same window again

Expected Behavior:
Whenever an overwolf window is closed/minimized, we expect the window to restore/open in it’s previous state.

Current Behavior;
Whenever an overwolf window is closed/minimized, the window is restored/opened in it’s normal state.

Impact for my app: medium (a user has complained about this issue)
Do you currently have a workaround? yes

Hi @shir.brass,

I need to check if it’s intended behavior or not.
I will let you know.


@shir.brass it was a bug that fixed in v0.166.

i confirmed that it’s working as epxected now.


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