overwolf.windows.dragResize's contentRect bugs with a window's minSize

When you have an in-game window, and use overwolf.windows.dragResize with contentRect, the contentRect starts to bug when you are in the progress of resizing the window below its minimum allowed size.

If it cannot reproduce I can try to extract it I can show the issue in a call.

Thanks for reporting, we’ll try to fix it during the next 2-3 weeks.

@heartharena can you please share a video of this issue? I couldn’t reproduce it on my machine

In slack #heartharena_channel I added an OPK (2.0) for the new HA version.

The decktracker is resizable. In order to get it without being in an arena run. Click “Play” in hearthstone to get to your decks overview. Click a deck.

Now follow the instructions to open the HearthArena debug window (as in described in slack). You can open the deck tracker from there.

Once the deck tracker is shown, resize it horizontally to a smaller window, at some point you see the white dragResize “content box” flip, which is the bug.

A bug was opened, we’ll update you once a fix is released

As a side-note, please first debug the issue with devicePixelRatio = 1 because when it is not, it behaves even funkier.

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@heartharena the issue was fixed in the next OW client version (0.160).
This version will be released to the developer’s channel in the next two weeks. So you’ll be able to confirm the fix.