overwolf.windows.setZoom changes zoom for all windows

Issue Description: overwolf.windows.setZoom should only change the zoom value of the current window and or with the given windowId as written in the documentation.

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):

  1. Open two windows (1 in-game, 1 native)
  2. Change the zoom via overwolf.windows.setZoom for the in-game window
  3. Now the native window has the same zoom applied

Impact for my app: I have users with higher resolution screens that are using my app but the in-game windows are way too small for them to use which finally leads them to not use the app at all. Therefore changing the zoom only for those windows would be the perfect solution but it totally breaks the layout of my second screen window (which includes ads) and is also scaled perfectly fine with the automatic DPI setting.

Do you currently have a workaround? No. I tried using the css approach of ‘zoom’ and ‘transform: scale’ but all of them have major drawbacks as they don’t zoom the actual viewport.


We added the bug to our backlog. Currently, there is no ETA, but I will update you here once the fix is released.


@Kyusung4698 Hey,

We fixed the issue on OW client version 0.179 that will be available in the next day or two on the Developers channel. Please stay tuned to our slack announcement regarding the release.

I will go ahead and close the ticket now as we verified the bug fix. If you have any issues with it (after your testing), please let me know by mentioning me here (with @).


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