Pass new param to process.Start

Hey, i want to pass a param or just a message to my app when starting, more specific the port of the websocket server it will connect to.
This will improve our security. It can be called -state, we can pass different info to it.

Hi - are you talking about the process_manager plugin?

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What would the best way be to pass some data to the js script?

@AntonioZn, can you please be more specific? Do you want to pass some info to your OW app when you start it? How do you create it? You can start it from the command line or by clicking on the dock’s app icon.

Or are you talking about the process_manager plugin?

I want to pass params to the js file on start

Which js file.
On start of what? When the app starts? When the game starts? When the overwolf client starts?

When the app start, the javascript file which consumes the events(main.js in the example apps)

When you say “when the app starts,” - do you mean when you launch the OW dock app from a desktop shortcut?

When I start the app from cmd

We start the app from our software

The only option that I think of is to use the new url_protocol manifest flag and define a custom scheme for your app. e.g.:

{"scheme": "myApp"}

Then, if the OW app installed on the local machine, you can launch the app from the cmd and even add extra params. e.g.

> myApp:/param_1/param_2

That is triggering the onAppLaunchTriggered event.
Assuming your app previously register to this event, you will be able to get the info from the command line:

{origin: "urlscheme", parameter: "myApp%3a%2f%2fparam_1%2fparam_2"}origin: "urlscheme"}

I hope it’s clear and makes sense.