PBE Support for TFT

  • Feature Description: Would be awesome if my app could detect TFT PBE running and launch the app, even if the game events won’t work. It used to be like this before.
  • impact for my app: [low, mid, high, show-stopper]. show-stopper during new sets that get tested in the pbe for 2 weeks prior to release. low afterwards.
  • What is your current pain point? see above.
  • What do you have in mind to solve it? it’s okay if the game events don’t work. my app has a lot of useful functionality without them. right now, it’s impossible to access that functionality in the pbe.

note for stuff: after FR is accepted, add a link to the internal ticket.


Your app auto-launch should work in the PBE mode, without events.
supporting the PBE mode (in general, in different games and not just LoL/TFT) - is not our top priority - as it’s unstable and causes many issues.



It definitely doesn’t auto-launch in PBE. I’ll take a closer look today to figure out why. I just assumed overwolf was disabled for PBE.

I definitely understand not supporting PBE for game events. I just wanted it to launch.




Update on the auto-launch not working. When you run

overwolf.games.launchers.events.getInfo(10902, function(result) { code here }

the response is this:


I can’t check for result.res.lobby_info.queueId === '1090' || result.res.lobby_info.queueId === '1100' as a result.

@jjps did you add the following code to your manifest?

"launch_events": [
        "event": "GameLaunch",
        "event_data": {
          "game_ids": [
        "start_minimized": false

@eransharv Yep! This is what it looks like:

"launch_events": [

        "event": "GameLaunch",
        "event_data": {
          "game_ids": [10902, 5426]
        "start_minimized": false

Edit: i also have this:

"game_targeting": {
          "type": "dedicated",
          "game_ids": [5426]

Not sure if this one is also supposed to have 10902

@jjps can you please download the TFT events sample app:

And check if it’s working for you. Note that this app don’t have any GUI - but you still can see the window opened from the OW settings menu.

@eransharv Yea it works, but that sample app doesn’t have specific TFT detection, just League of Legends from what I can see. There’s nothing checking for TFT’s queueID, which means the app would open on any game mode which is an issue.

@jjps I checked the LoL launcher events sample app: https://github.com/overwolf/lol-launcher-sample-app

And it’s working as expected:

You probably tried to query the lobby_info too soon, before the user chooses TFT and start it.
Please use the above sample app to debug the game and get familiar with it to understand when exactly is the phase that you need to check if the user is going to play TFT.