Preferred way to report multiple things?

So i was playing with the ApexLegends API lately and in the progress of doing so multiple things came to my mind.

Before i start making a bunch of Posts or one “mega Post” i thought i’d ask what’s the preferred way to report/give feedback on multiple things. Short roundup: there are feature requests, suggestions for Improvements as well as Feature Requests.

hey, @mutschler and welcome to our community!

That’s a good question! so general questions like this one, you have the questions category or the #tech_questions slack channel.

For feature requests and issues (bugs) - if it’s related - you can include several in one ticket. If they are not related - it’s better to create different ticket for each.

BTW - for Overwolf client issues we have the site.


Thanks, i’ll reorganize them and create single posts then :slight_smile:

EDIT: moved to single posts

@mutschler so to clarify: you can create all the above in one ticket - but please create it under the issues category… same for feature request: under the right category.

Anyway, I moved this question from the general questions category to the issues category :slight_smile:

And for the issues: we will check that internally and update you.


@eransharv, thanks again!

Sorry for putting all that in here but i was just updating this since i reached my post limit already and just wanted to be sure i’ve got them written down somewhere to copy/paste them over tomorrow or next week

The limit is dynamically changing. it’s for new users, to prevent spamming etc.
I promote you to “regular user”.

thanks! just to be sure: do you want me to split the above and create new posts?
i guess at least the one with the request for a new event should go to the correct category :slight_smile:

@mutschler missing feature request should be under feature requests category.
bugs on existing features should be under issues.

that’s it …

  • Apex Legends local_player_name missing from kill_feed - an issue
  • Why is data of some events send json encoded? - general question
  • BUG? Damage updates after death - issues

@eransharv ok, hopefully i’ve got everything…
Thanks for your patience!

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