Problems with MTG Arena after new log structure in a recent patch. Potential game crashes

Issue Description: Problems with MTG Arena game extensions i overwolf. Log reading issues, leading to potention game crashes for some users.
Steps to reproduce: Happens randomly when starting the game.
Impact for my app: show-stopper
Do you currently have a workaround? None

In a recent patch Wizards changed the name of the log file to Player.log and you guys changed that name in your log reader. But they also added one other feature that seems to mess things up. When starting the game, they rename the Player.log file into Player-prev.log and then creates a new Player.log file

This causes some issues as Overwolf is locking the file preventing mtga to do these operations. We think this might cause some crashes for users in MTGA arena. What we do now is that it causes some game events in overwolf to trigger that should not have been triggered. It seems like a racing issue. If overwolf log parser starts first it leads to MTGA problems, if mtga log parser starts first overwolf will trigger some game events like “Detailed logs” not enabled.

Inspections of logs with Lior Haim shows no issues in the overwolf app but the game crashes for some users. Have not been able to get any MTG Arena logs. We think issue might be resolved if there is an automatic delay to start the Overwolf log parser, or if you have another method that enables MTGA to manipulate/delete/rename the file as it wants without overwolf blocking it from doing so.

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@aetherhub thanks for the info. We will check it now.
If you have some update since you wrote it, please tell us.


@itay propsed to remove log reading in MTG Arena, and just let the MTGA Apps handle the log reading instead. This would solve the problem. We got a build with overwolf log reader disabled and it worked, so we are now waiting for him to deploy this in overwolf. Not sure what the status is there, please ask him.

@aetherhub if that’s the case, so with your permission, I’m closing this ticket.
The fix will be released later today.
We are canceling the events based on log calls.

sounds good! Go ahead and close it.