Provide FFmpeg access for apps

We want to introduce some editing features to Outplayed that will require a library such as FFmpeg:

  • Extract an image from video
  • Add/remove sound from video
  • Exact clipping and merging
  • etc

Since FFmpeg is quite large and using it in JS / C# is not trivial, it would be great to get access to the library directly from OW instead of importing and integrating with it in the app for the following reasons:

  • Download size for the app will increase dramatically
  • Integration is not trivial, and can be useful for many apps

The access to the FFmpeg library could be done via:

  • Wrapping each functionality specifically - this might be tedious + overhead as each app might have different requirements
  • Exposing a direct library control by passing the commands to the wrapper - this will require app devs to know how to handle FFmpeg, but will provide max freedom
  • Other options?

As I am not sure what is possible / easy / hard this is a start of a discussion - any alternative approaches are welcomed.

Thank you,
Eyal (Outplayed)

Hi @Eyal,

We will discuss the matter internally, and we will update you here.
It might take up to a few days.


@Eyal you can access the ffmpeg.exe located in the OW obs folder