PUBG API - Inventory/Equipped data not clearing between games

Issue Description: The player’s inventory in PUBG is not cleared between games. When you start a second PUBG game in the same session (i.e. without closing and reopening PUBG), your inventory will still contain all of your previous game’s weapons and items.

Steps to reproduce: Open PUBG, and play through a whole game (it probably doesn’t matter if you die early, but make sure you’ve picked up weapons and armour). When you die and to back to lobby, ping;, with the inventory feature selected. You will see that your inventory and equipped items still contains the items you held in the previous game. Not a big deal.

Now start a new game. when you are in the pre-game (airfield), in the aircraft, and after you land, check your inventory again by the same method. Your inventory will still contain the items from last game. In the image I will attach, you can see that I have landed and picked up a Mini14 (Item_Weapon_Mini14_C_1), but my equipped list still shows the two weapons I was holding when I died in the previous game (Item_Weapon_HK416_C_3 and Item_Weapon_GBU88_C_1).

Impact for my app: [low, mid, high, show-stopper]: high

I can upload more logs if you like, but it’s pretty easy to see what’s happening.


hi @DrWraith,
We will try to reproduce it and let you know.

This is known issue among many developers, not sure if a fix is in the works.

Hey @DrWraith,

Apologies for the long awaited and delayed response, we’ve had holidays here so we were missing for quite a while, although we’re back now.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Pretty sure this is an active bug. I did not reproduce it on my machine yet so i’ll try to verify that it actually happens to me as well hopefully sometime today or tomorrow and i’ll update you whether we’re opening a bug on this or not (probably we will since this is a common issue across various games that pop up every now and then).

Anyways, I’ll do my best to give you an ETA for a fix next time that I reply here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @DrWraith,

I’ve recreated your issue and opened a bug on us. I hope it will be fixed within the next few days.
If a week passes with no real update, please nudge me here again, I’ll try to update on the situation.

@Shargaas nudge :slight_smile:
Oh, I gotta write more characters.

Hey again @DrWraith,

We fixed the issue, we’re going to release the fix within 1-2 hours.
Furthermore we made sure several other features reset properly in the lobby state aswell, not just the inventory, so hopefully this will help more to avoid future complications :slight_smile:


@DrWraith I’m closing the ticket for now. If the fix won’t helped - please feel free to re-open the issue (delete the status:done tag).