PUBG API - Inventory state sometimes inverts

Issue Description: Sometimes when adding and removing items from your inventory, the inventory status for that item (or maybe for that index in your inventory?) will become reversed. For example, I will be playing a game, looting fast, and suddenly I notice that I am holding an M4 and a Kar98k, but the inventory only shows that I’m holding only an M4. If I drop the Kar98k, then the inventory will show that I’m holding a Kar98k. I then pick up the Kar98k again and it disappears from my inventory. It’s like that weapon’s status in my inventory got flipped.

Steps to reproduce: This is difficult to reproduce, as it only happens once every two or three games, and I pick up maybe a dozen or more weapons in each game, so it’s only happening maybe 3-4% of the time I pick up a weapon. I only really take notice of weapon status, so I’m not sure yet if this happens with other types of inventory/equipped items.

This is using;, with the inventory feature turned on.

If you play a few games, and keep a live representation of your API inventory on your second screen, you will see it happen after a while. I mentioned this on the developer’s Discord, and “bluffrockstar” commented that he had experienced the same issue.

bluffrockstar Last Sunday at 10:39 PM
@MrWraith I don’t use the .getinfo for inventory, but I am also experiencing the onInfoUpdates2() issue where it does get ‘confused’, skipping an item, add/removing from the inventory in the wrong action. I’m debugged forever thinking I was doing something wrong…

Impact for my app: [low, mid, high, show-stopper]: high

Please attach a zip package of your logs: I don’t have a log for this, as it is hard to replicate. The log would show one slot in the inventory having a weapon and then not having a weapon, and this being the opposite of what it should show. The logs wouldn’t show that in-game the opposite was happening with my in-game inventory. If you really need logs I can do my best but it will take a while.

@DrWraith we got the info, and we will check it in the next few days. thanks!

@Shargaas FYI

@DrWraith please send me you slack username. We want to contact you on PM, in order to give you special GEP version that logs much more data.


Hi @eransharv.

In December I started a new job, and I also started playing Escape from Tarkov, so I’m not really playing PUBG enough at the moment to gather the data needed for this bug report. Sorry about that.

I did notice you added “team_index”, which is excellent! I’ll try to take some time this weekend to update my app to use this new information. Thanks for all your hard work!

I’ll be keeping my eye out for any Tarkov API :smiley:

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Sure, no problems!

With your permission, I will close this ticket
Feel free to ask me here to re-open it if necessary!

And regarding the Escape from Tarkov: we definitely might add an API for it.


Yep, I have no issues with closing it. Cheers.