PUBG Lite - Training and Arcade modes not supported

PUBG Lite’s training and arcade modes not supported by GEP.

Here are the events I got for training:

Here are the events I got for One of the Arcade maps:

as you can see, I’m lacking several events:

  1. there is no matchStart in both modes (even though I am getting matchEnd)
  2. in arcade, there’s no event support. no kill, no death, no assist, no win… (probably the same in training)
  3. in the docs, you are pointing to PUBG’s map naming, which doesn’t include the arcade/training map names (even though you send them as events)

Logs: (1.2 MB)

Impact: high (users are complaining that arcade is not recorded)
Do you currently have a workaround? No

@shir.brass Unfortunatlly we will not plan to add support for these modes soon.

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