Pubg Match Leaderboard

When someone uses this in a game, is a streamer/pro player that uses “streamer mode” to stay anonymous still hidden or does it show their actual name? Seems like stream snipers/cheaters would abuse this.

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.


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@chaz69 ,

I just checked my steam settings and couldn’t find any checkbox for a “stream mode.”
You are probably mean something with the broadcasting settings, but I don’t know what exact settings you are using or referring to. Can you please clarify and give me the exact steps on how to check it?


It’s not in steam, it has to do with pubg partners. Apparently if you’re a pubg twitch partner you have an extra/hidden setting that allows you to stay anonymous in game. So say you’re “ChocoTaco” and you want to play pubg but don’t want to be harassed by stream snipers. They would then enable that feature that makes their in game name auto-generate like “Bub_ble63”, etc… every match.

My question is if the streamer is using the streamer mode that hides their actual in-game name will this app show their real name or the auto-generated one that is supposed to keep them anonymous. I feel that this a great tool to see what stats “I” am playing aginst, but can be used by cheaters and stream snipers to target players.

To be honest, I don’t know as we are not familiar with this “streamer” mode. But we can check it in the logs. Please reproduce the issue when you are in anonymous mode, and check or let us check the logs to see if it’s your real name or “masked” name.