Pubg matchEnd event sent twice

Related Games: Pubg
Steps to reproduce: Play pubg game and check for matchEnd event
Impact for my app: mid
Do you currently have a workaround?
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@AntonioZn, can you please read this ticket and tell me if you have any other questions or issues?


Now I remember that matchEnd is fired when a player exits to the lobby, What if the name of this event is changed? Like - matchEnd for match end and for example Exited, LobbyEntered, etc for the lobby exit

It’s fine for me like that because I already fixed it on our end so it’s not making issues for us.

@AntonioZn changing the current name sounds like a good idea, but that might “break” existing apps already using this name.

With your permission, I will close this ticket now. If you want to reopen it in the future, mention me with @.