PUBG: Rare GEP Issue

Issue Description:

  1. Overwolf starts my app on game launch
  2. My app asks the Game Events Provider if it can enable features
  3. 1 out of maybe 15 times (sometimes more often, sometimes less frequent) the Game Events Provider will fail to initalize as in the uploaded image
  4. When it fails it somehow still decides to return a full feature list to my app with the “onRequiredFeaturesChanged”, see image above.
  5. My app gets a “success” return and a list of features that it can use.
  6. But No events what so ever will come through, no matter how many games you play, no matter how many times you restart the app.
  7. Every time in that game instance, restarting an app will yield a success and a returned feature list, but no events. Since it will not restart the Game Events Provider unless you restart the game, the same broken GEP will stay and say “success”
  8. The only way to get working events in the app in this stage, is to restart the game client itself (you do NOT need to restart Overwolf) and hope that the Overwolf PUBG Service does not fail to initialize like in the first image, but to succeed as it does in the following image
  9. The app using the GEP will get no notification from the GEP that it has failed. It will always return success . Even if it’s super clear in the first image that it was NOT in fact a success.

Steps to reproduce: Restart the game over and over again until the GEP fails on PUBG Service Initializing.
Impact for my app: Mid. Users can’t be given a way to understand why the app ain’t working since GEP returns Success on this specific error. Could result in a loss of users.

My log file that contains this error is too big to upload.
But here are the specific logs:
GEP: (1.5 KB)
Match Bar Ingame Log: (685 Bytes)
TsIGame: (14.5 KB)

Hi, I just want to confirm that we got the ticket. And I will work on it tomorrow.


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Are you able to see anything relating to it?
I know from my own experience that it’s a pain to re-produce.

// Joakim

@StreamGameLabels from my tests i was not able to reproduce it.
I will discuess it internally to see how to progress with that. I will let you know ASAP. Thanks.

@StreamGameLabels hi.
So the issue is not reproducible right now. But anyway, the best practice to check that your app can function correctly is not to count on the setRequiredFeatures - as it will return success for the registration itself - not a success that confirms that the events function correctly.

The best practice is to check the event status. (green,red etc).