PUBG Suggestion: Keep getting events for x amount of seconds after death

Feature Description:
It would be awesome to get events that happen a while after you die.
Current implementation keeps our live apps from getting kills that you get accounted after you have died. For instance you down someone, the enemy team knocks you out right after and finishes you off. Then your team kills the person you knocked out. In-game clients gives you a kill. But you cannot catch this live since the in-game events have stopped feeding them to you.
The timer until the event stops after you have died should preferably be a second longer then what it takes for an enemy to bleed out from a first knock. (don’t have exact times for this yet)
This is ofc only if the local player stays in the game and spectates, if they leave the match they forfeit this information.

impact for my app: mid
What is your current pain point?
Don’t really know how to answer this one =P
What do you have in mind to solve it?
I would suggest when the overwolf api gets your death it starts a timer for {x amount of seconds} before it shuts down feeding events. If phase changes to loading_screen then it stops immediately.

Maybe to make it even more efficient it could start a {x amount of seconds} timer based on when your last knock event was. So if a bleed out for example takes 30 seconds, and you knocked someone 20 seconds before death, the timer would be 11 seconds.

We are usually not supporting this kind of events (after the player dies), as it easily can be consumed through the PUBG API after the match ends, or even through or that might give you the exact total number of kills.

Please update if that can work for you.

Yeah I’ll make it work =)